Ted & ClaudineTed White is the Buenos Aires illusionist. He was born in this nice city, to the rhythmn of tango and milonga, with the melancholy and mystery of the perfumed and homesick nights of San Cristobal and San Telmo suburbs.

Since he was a small child, had much inclination to arts. He studied drawing and painting with great masters; music and dance, stage scenery, photography and cinema. He took theater classes with Guillermo Bataglia.

Like any other child, magic entered his life when his parents hired a magician for his First Communion party. He was delighted then, and started to play ever since.

His inclination to the stage made him perform stage magic with great illusions and creativity. His disquieting imagination enabled him to create illusions and routines of a unique style. FISM 94

He made an astounding success of his magic and presentations in the major stages of the world, from audiences to critics. TV shows were remembered for years for its impact in telespectators and the experience of radio magic was commented upon by all media as unsurmountable.

Claudine and Ted give illusionism a new vision, by displaying sensuality and romanticism; by mixing humour and a conducting wire in the presentation of feats through which the spectator is transported to a world of fantasy where the impossible becomes real, the mystery has no explanation and magic is produced with the audience as accomplice who asks for repetitions.

The most surprising apparitions, vanishings or transformations were successfully performed under the most diverse conditions. New challenges appear and, after much effort and hard work, they can be accomplished.

The legend is returning. Do not miss the show!


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